Sunday, January 4, 2009

Our Daily Beard

Hairy. Hoary. Image Bearers of God.
A Happening that must be participated in by Men. It's Epic.

This Friday night we kick off our second EPIC Men's Event, and if you are a man, then I expect you to be there. I am growing my beard as a walking Billboard for this event. A dear sister at Overlake said to me last Sunday, "I will pay you not to grow a beard." To which I replied, "Don't pay ME. Just get your husband to Epic." So really, I guess, the beard is a form of spiritual blackmail.

I know the man-growth is unattractive. I know how my wife feels about it's scratchy-ness. I'm only doing this so that you'll sign up for EPIC. Sign up. Now.


Jim said...

Man, I for permission from my doctor to grow a beard out for a month (remember, when you work for the Disney, you can't have facial hair) and I LOVED it. Other people were clearly in the love it/hate it camp.

Hope all is well up North!

neely said...

i hope this means that Jodie will be growing out her leg hair to get women to sign up for awake!

Wendy said...

That's funny Neely!

Dulcinator said...

hey, do what you want to get those crazies into the event! reminds me of highschool pep assemblies when the basketball coach would shave his head if we brought in enough cans for the food drive...hmm.