Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Our Daily Beard, part trois

You can probably tell that I’ve been shaping.
It’s much less “Grizzly Adams.” It’s just a tad “Brett Favre.” I actually got a compliment on it today, “It makes you look older.” Oh…thank you?

What you probably can’t tell from the picture is that the softness quality of my facial hair resembles that of a wire brush. I kiss my kids goodnight and their soft cheeks start bleeding. My wife kissed me on the forehead two days ago. That was the last time I’ve received what could loosely be called “affection.” I have a feeling that when I went into the bookstore yesterday, they thought I was casing the joint.

So, please sign up for our EPIC Men’s Event at Overlake. Men, you are Hairy, Hoary, Holy Image Bearers of the King of Heaven and Earth, and this weekend will unite and inspire, liberate and motivate, challenge and assure.

My friend Mike Erre is coming up to bring the WORD.
He’s the author of the book, Why Guys Need God, which our EPIC gentlemen will all receive, but I also wanted you to know that Mike has written two more books as well. I haven’t read Death by Church, but if you were around for the Revolution Series two years ago, you’ll catch glimpses of Jesus of Suburbia sprinkled throughout (point of note: I routinely use Mike Erre as inspiration, thought-provocation, and research, or what some of the more anal among us might call “plagiarism.” When I have an original thought, you will know, because I will mention it. Often.)

You can sign up by clicking the word HERE in my last post.

I really can't wait to shave.

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Curt said...

Got some gray going there Mike.