Thursday, January 8, 2009

Our Daily Beard, part the fourth

This is the expression I make when I know that soon I get to shave the bristles off my face. This is the look I make when I realize what that means in terms of my marriage.
This is the face I make when I contemplate the hundreds of dudes who have signed up for EPIC, in small part, I’m sure, to this facial hair challenge on Our Daily Beard.

I’ve actually talked to probably dozens of guys (a bunch last night at First Wednesday) who are planning to come, but who haven’t signed up yet. Ok, here’s the deal. EPIC is tomorrow night. As in Friday. Like the day after today. We can take walk-ups, of course, but without your sign-up, we won’t know how many of Mike Erre’s books to buy, and you might not get yours. All that we could offer you is some of the leftover clippings from my freshly shorn face.

So sign up. And I’ll see you Friday.
I’ll be the guy without a beard.

P.S. I realize my blog this week has been VERY local, entirely OCC…next week, I promise…I’ll get just a bit more regional with my musings…

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SevenX7X said...

I hope you keep it through sunday.