Thursday, February 5, 2009


There are so many lessons about our spiritual lives that can be mined from pet ownership.
Here is the truth about the dog I adopted from the local shelter.

His whole life nobody had wanted him, nor claimed him to love.
He is overweight.
Scout has chewed a hole in his tail, and it sort of stinks.
At the vet yesterday, they hooked him up with a cone that prevents him from chewing his tail, and it makes him look like a canine version of Little Bo Peep. Plus they shaved his tail, so he looks slightly like a giant black rat. With a bonnet. And the medicine stings when it’s applied to the wound.

Here is the point: unloved and unlovely. And my family has claimed him. And we love him so much that our hearts hurt a bit at his obvious discomfort and loss of dignity. So we’re doing all we can to help him heal as quickly as possible. Even if it stings.

God has seen us unloved and unlovely. And He has claimed US. And his Heart is moved at our obvious brokenness. So God works in us individually and personally, to help us heal as quickly as possible. And it might sting.

The point is, God is the true Skillful and Loving master. My prayer is that you allow Him to touch you with His healing love today. Because HE loves you. Really.

Even more than we love our stinking rat dog.


Josh M said...

Great thoughts bro. So glad to have been claimed by Jesus even in my unloveliness.

And Scout, thank you for letting the intimate details of your doggie-life be an open book online. Also, thank you for the way you aggresively greet my mid-region parts with the end of your nose...everytime I see you I'm a changed man. Long live the stinky rat dog.

Dulcinator said...

Good reminders from man's best friend, yet again! He sure is cute. I am sure that cuteness helps when he keeps flinging his head backwards in hopes that he can continue to chew the hole larger, but is met with disappointment at smacking into his plastic bo peep-ness!

Gorian said...

I have a dog named scout....