Friday, February 13, 2009

I'm Hosting Saturday Night Live!

Ok, not really. But here is my picture if I ever host SNL. I’m that prepared, in case I get asked.

And here is my wife’s picture. She’s a total and complete hottie. Look at those eyes, for crying out loud!

Just for fun, I’d like to propose an exercise in creativity: IF YOU were hosting SNL, what are the 5 favorite skits that you want to be written into? Since this is pure fantasy, the rules are that you can use any season that you want to, use any SNL cast that you love, and write yourself in however you’d like. Since I’m obviously hosting first, here are mine:

1. In the old John Belushi skit where he flips Cheeseburgers as a Samauri, I’d come into his restaurant and order a taquito.
2. Dana Carvey in Church Lady (of course), and I’d be a Deacon on “her” show.
3. Andy Sandburg in a Digital short, and since Chronic(what?)cles of Narnia is sort of overdone, I’d like to be in the video where he punches people who are trying to eat. I think it’s called “Punching while Eating” or “Follow your Dreams.” I’d like to be in the zombie dance at the end.
4. The one where Natalie Portman brings her boyfriend Jeff home to her uber-weird European parents (“sit in the Hair Chair, by Moby”), and they can’t pronounce his name (“Gwaaarrrrfff?”). I’d be happy to be the younger brother serving yogurt.
5. I’d like to be Lawrence Welk in the recent one hosted by Anne Hathaway, where she and her sisters sing. Kirsten Wiig might be the most amazingly inappropriate singing sister in entertainment history.

There you have it! My top 5! Now it’s time to share yours! So, on this FRIDAY (day before Saturday!) let’s here it! What are your favorites?


Kristen said...

I'd like to be in the skit where I'm making out with Jimmy Fallon. Wait, is that bad?

Garrett said...

1. Definitely the Super Bass-O-Matic 76 with Dan Akroid. I'll bring him the fish or something.
2. Me too on Akroid serving cheeseburgers and Coke - I'd order a Gyro.
3. Mr. Robinsons Neighborhood with Eddie Murphy. I'd be the landlord.
4. Farley & Swazey ice skating. I'd be one of the judges and I'd make knarly faces as farly destroyed himself.
5. Back-up dancer for Steve Martin in King Tut.

Mike Paddy said...

Sorry folks but it has to be Matt Foley..imagine your pastor/preacher climbing up on the platform and preach ala Matt Foley...
And how about Da' Bears...Imagine a round table talk on a Sunday morning Pastor Mike, Jesse, and anyone else you like talking about Da' Church...
And how about Jack Handey's thoughts, this one: "When Gary told me he had found Jesus, I thought, Yahoo! We're rich! But it turned out to be something different."

e said...

You don't know me...I'm a friend of Amy's. She's such an amazing photographer. I can't believe she took these.

Anyway, I love SNL and although I can't name 5 at the moment. I will say that the one where Justin Timberlake wears a softdrink costume is hilarious.

Mike Howerton said...

Kristen, I don't know exactly how to comment. Is it bad that you'd be thinking about making out with someone other than my brother and your husband? Or is it bad that the guy you're thinking about making out with is Jimmy Fallon? I'm going to say YES on both counts...

Paddy, you made me laugh out loud with the Jack Handy comment...I'm ripping it off. And I have no shame...

Amy Cheng said...

Haha. Yeah, I couldn't resist. Something about these just screamed SNL to me. I'm glad you found a way to use them. :)

1. I'd order a burger from Tobey Maguire while he yelled "Simma down now!".
2. Be sitting on the couch watching the "van down by the river" guy.
3. Suggest items that are liquid in the Homeland Security training sketch. "Ham sandwich??? With LOTS of mustard!"
4. 3rd cheerleader with Cheri Oteri and Will Farrell.
5. Sitting with Alec Baldwin hearing about is "Shwetty balls" on Delicious Dish.

Shoot....left out Kristen Wiig. Well, I'd hang out with her after, cause she's AWESOME.

(Thanks Mike, this was fun)

Danny said...

1. Definitely the "More Cowbell" skit with Will Ferrel and Christopher Walken. i'd put my pants on one leg at a time. Then make Gold Records.

2. Farley and Swayze doing Chip N Dales. I have some sweet moves.

3. A radio Guest on NPR's Deliscious Dish with Pete Schweddy and his Christmas Balls.

4. Celebrity Jeopardy with Sean Connery, Burt Reynolds and French Stweart. I'd be the real Turd Ferguson.

5. And of Course...BLIZZARD MAN! i just want to be in the same room as that genius! Maybe one of the record exec's playing with my iPhone.

Joe said...

Oh man! It would be hard to be in the skit because there is no way I would be able to keep a straight face nor keep from busting up. Just like Sandler or Spade in a Farley skit.

1-I would have to be any any Matt Foley skit.

2-Celebrity interviews with Farley. re re remember the time you said "_ _ _" THAT WAS AWESOME!

3-Party atendee with massive head would Harry. I love when the dog gets involved.

4-Oh-Tay with Eddie Murphy as Buckwheat. I would probably hav eto be Spanky.

5-I am not too wild or crazy, but hanging out with "Two Wild and Crazy Guys.

Alternate- Pumping iron with Hans and Frans. They wer always there to Pump, you up!

Matt said...

1-Blizzard Man. I'd play Blizzy-B's writing partner White Lightning collaborating on a track with Dr. Dre.
2-I'd buy junior mints, a swiffer, and a folding chair with vinyl seat cover from the Target Lady.
3-I'd have an pathological lying contest with Penelope.
4-Do a lounge singing duet with Bill Murray.
5-Play guitar with Aerosmith on Wayne's world.

Travis said...

1. Conehead - I'd be like 8 ft tall with a nice cone on.
2. Adam Sandler as the loin clothed waiter. "you lika da peppa?" except instead of sandler, it'd be mcgill.
3. I'd be a Sprocket when Toby Keith visited.
4. Sandler and Farley dressed as high school girls and Farley's going off on the fries. I'd try to steal his fries, we'd wrestle, and destroy the entire restaurant.
5. I'd make tang and chicken salad for the Lupner's (you gotta be late 30's or older to maybe know that one)

Thanks Mike. I can't stop giggling about the Farley/Sandler fry eating.

Anonymous said...

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