Thursday, May 17, 2012

From the Isle of Lewis

Got a GREAT email today (already wrote her back): Hi there- My name is Lida Glover and I live in the Isle of Lewis which is a small island off the north west coast of Scotland. I have felt prompted to email after reading the first few chapters of "Glorious Mess" by your lead Pastor - Mike Howerton. It was so encouraging to receive guidance with such humour, realism and honesty. When you are trying to be a Christian it is so easy to measure yourself against people who seem to have it all sussed and inevitably to feel like such a failure. Thank you for making me feel normal!! God Bless Lida

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Narrow Way said...

Good article, honest, get a chance read the book by pgs Hopwood relgious experience of the primitive church,1927 loaded with details and key words as the changes that were added christianity, you'll be amazed sad he uses the last word church here, ecclesia is not a building or sophistry based practice which has nothing to do with scripture at all.Or a relationship shot full of the spirit.

enjoy the read, I left it all to and we got ecclesa going we love all the people but life long denial of the truth does no make one fruitful in it's lecture hall forums alone.

The early mss were changed, the word ecclesia was changed the hiearchal word, this was the reason tyndale withstood it all, and the others in england later would also burn for attemping to get it back to what Christ called it,and it;s form of the priesthood of the beleivers. So I stick with Jesus not the sun god guys.

it;s not hard to find have work at the data is allthere and would be a great sense of freedom to see the facts that you maybe wondering over. I was amazed all this is so blurred and kept so. that part in of itself is warning to me something is wrong.Worship in truth and spirit and test what you hear to see if it is true or not.

in time the truth comes otu it took 400 years that part is unacceptable to me personally, desire here is to get back to jesus central all the way, the data speaks for it self.