Monday, September 19, 2011

Do you "Dine and Dash" your church?

A friend passed this blog on to me, from a Pastor named Troy Jones. It gives a great challenge to one of the major problems in Churchworld…check it out:

Troy writes: “We all know what the phrase “Dine and Dash” means. This describes the action of going into a restaurant, sitting at the table, ordering whatever you want, eating and then leaving quickly without paying.
If you do this at a restaurant you are breaking the law and being a moron. Period. Few people will argue with me about this.
Why do so many people “Dine and Dash” their church?
Let that question sink in. Deeper!
National average is that only 3% of Christ followers tithe (give 10% of their income).
Over 50% percent of the members of any given Christian congregation donate little or nothing toward their church’s upkeep and ministries.
Most Christians don’t ever find a meaningful place to serve their church or community.
Ask me to get involved and serve…Pray for my pastor…Give to missionaries…Feed the hungry…Begin giving in a systematic way…Work the parking lot…Serve my community…Lead a growth group…Stay after to help with chairs…
Are you kidding me, Pastor? I would rather enjoy the music, let someone else take care of my kids and enjoy the message…in effect you are saying “Pastor, I would rather ‘dine and dash’…have a good week.”
The story gets worse in the church…those who dine and dash at church also whine the most…I am not getting fed enough, the music is too loud, my kids are not happy…Christians “Dine, whine and then Dash”…talk about pathetic. But true!
If you are a Christ follower and find yourself caught up in this “Dine, whine and dash” approach to your church…repent of this kind of sloppy attitude towards your church and pastor.
Start serving today!
Begin to give systematically!
Be bold and actually get involved with a discipleship setting!
Find a way to make a difference in your community!
Stop attending church and begin to be the church–everywhere you go be the hands and feet of Jesus to this world.”

What do YOU think? Why do so many Christ followers “dine, whine and dash” their church? (love to hear from you!)


Julie said...

Dear m
Our god is too small. We want ten cents worth of him . He is in a box we open when convenient.

How the tables will turn in heaven! The King will Rule and reign and command acclaim. Jesus will be the box opener. King Jesus will bestow treasure and worth and true value. How we will wish we had esteemed Him as He deserves!

Your friend

Anonymous said...

Some of u may feel like we could qualify for "WHO THE BEEP DID I MARRY?", "I MARRIED A MOBSTER (and no one told me), my kid is THE GOOD SON/CHILD or a Paris Hilton clone(help!) or my sweety could be from "FATAL ATTRACTION/WICKED WOMEN", (Just kiddin')etc--- This is just my story--used to look to church for that boost and support/comfort I needed but then I began to change over to seeing what I could give to my church, as prayer--I can almost always do that--give tithes and extra when possible even though it's not a lot, a lot of peoples littles can add up to BIG. I can applaud/thank the great bands/singers and make a joyful noise. I can look for helpful, applicable parts in the sermons and teachings. And if I seem to dine & dash maybe the grand baby, a pregnant Mommy or ill relative needed me and if I slip back to 'whine', just remind me that Jesus died on a cross after receiving a beating He should have died from, and they plucked out His beard-Ouch !! that must have really heart, just an eyebrow hair plucked brings tears to my eyes -anyhow, if I slip into 'whine' mode just slap me on the back of the head NCIS style (though gently please) :) And please forgive me if I go overboard. Also, let's make lemon pie from those lemons = Yes!-I mean lemonade is okay but lemon pie = YES!!!

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