Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Together Accomplishing MORE!!

Friends of Overlake Christian Church,
Ever since we launched our OCC 2012 Vision Campaign last fall, I’ve felt prompted by God to shoot for 100% participation by Overlake's MEMBERS (those folks now attending OCC who’ve actually gone through the our membership process). I knew that if our members were empowered to participate through prayer, through serving and through financial investment, we'd be able to accomplish EVERY part of the vision that God wanted to accomplish through OCC 2012.

After we shared the heart behind OCC 2012 with our entire church family last fall, we tallied just over 50% participation among actual, OCC members; and honestly…I battled with Jesus - and with some discouragement. I have never been a part of a church that was going after a more selfless vision than Overlake, and I knew this vision truly reflected the heart of Christ. So I joined our elders in praying for a greater amount of participation from the Overlake family.

Throughout 2010, as stories of how our campaign initiatives were progressing, the number of OCC 2012 participants edged up slowly…but consistently. Then came our September TAKING AIM series (that ended Sunday, Sept. 26). With its focus on education and challenge, each week we added dozens of new families into our OCC 2012 Vision Campaign at various levels of commitment (and not just OCC member families)! All of this has given me great pleasure, but even more importantly, I believe with all my heart that it gives God great pleasure as we pursue a greater vision as a church.

And the bottom line? God has given us 100% participation among OCC's members. In fact, He’s given us MORE THAN 100% participation when you include the nearly 200+ households that have committed, but aren’t yet actual OCC member households! I am so excited! So grateful! So honored to be a part of a church like Overlake!

And God gets ALL of the glory!!!
So, I just wanted to cheer you on, Overlake! Great job! Let’s now fulfill our commitments! Let’s pray! Let’s serve! Let’s give! And let’s continue to bring glory and honor to Jesus! He’s the one whose love started this whole journey, anyway!!

Be blessed today…and we'll see you SUNDAY as we continue our IGNITE series!

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