Sunday, August 1, 2010

Kisumu, Part 2

I wanted to add a follow up to yesterday's post, as I just received this email from Pastor Dan, who is working with our Kenyan partners (ie. Pastor Joseph) to open/run the Drop-In Center in Kisumu, Kenya.

Dan writes:
"I am officially a Kenyan now as I contracted Malaria. I cannot imagine having this and getting no medication and being forced to go sleep out on the streets somewhere so I am trying not to be too big of a wusey.
The trip has been unbelievable. I hope OCC is not suffering in our absence because I am convinced that I have 17 of OCC's finest with me. They have reflected Jesus at every level. Pastor Joseph's church is totally engaged and sharing in the street boys' lives. They are loved and welcomed at this church the way Jesus would love and welcome them. It is such a blessing to see the hope rise up in these boys. I heard the phrase this week that "we are giving them back their future" and that is exactly what is happening. Boys who through no fault of their own have had their futures stolen from them now have hope for a better future. Joseph has them refer to themselves as "Overcomers" and not "Street Boys" as he says they are no longer street boys. It has been hard not to just walk around crying as you see God so obviously at work. I can't wait to tell you all the stories. Pray that the vomiting will stop and the medicine will kick in so I will be able to enjoy everything that is left on the trip, Tomorrow we go to the rural area to work on our program of street children prevention. Praying for all of you."

And this morning, Lord Jesus, we lift up Dan, his team, our Kenyan partners, and the Overcomers to you. We ask that you move through these efforts, and that you restore hope and a future to those who have had theirs stolen. Thank you for choosing to include us in your good work. In Jesus' Name, Amen.

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