Tuesday, March 17, 2009

The Fantastic Mr. Stott

Since I love Jesus, I love grabbing truth that explores the fullness of what it means to live with him, for him, and through him. This is Mr. Stott, our protestant Pope, and it's only one tiny nugget from that rich vein.

"Certainly we must never conceive ‘salvation’ in purely negative terms, as if it consisted only of our rescue from sin, guilt, wrath and death. We thank God that is all these things. But it also includes the positive blessing of the Holy Spirit to regenerate, indwell, liberate and transform us. What a truncated gospel we preach if we proclaim the one without the other! And what a glorious gospel we have to share when we are true to Scripture!" –Stott, Baptism and Fullness, pg 26


Jerrod said...

Good words. I often forget to talk about these positive aspects of salvation when sharing the Christ with non believers, which is a shame. It is almost like I am trying to scare people into faith when all I tell them is that Jesus can save them from condemnation.

Kurt Willems said...

wow. thanks for the quote. he truly is a great man with much wisdom to offer. I wanted to follow your blog but didn't see an option :-( Come on by my site if you have a chance!