Thursday, October 2, 2008


I’ve been traveling a ton lately, and when I travel, I miss my kids like crazy. I get homesick. I truly can’t imagine how my buddies do it, living out of a suitcase and spending their weeks in three different time zones. For me, there is something that is simply missing when my family isn’t connecting in life and love.

That’s not to say that I haven’t had a great, productive time on this trip. I have. My wife Jodie and I were in Colorado Springs on a leadership retreat, being challenged to implement an intentional leadership development process in our church context. It was convincing. I’m excited to see how this can impact our staff and leaders at Overlake.

Jodie and I connected. It’s always good to remember why you married one another, and this was a couple days where we looked at each other and said, “I really LIKE you.” We watched a movie in our hotel room and ordered room service, and laughed a lot.

I ran both mornings in the brisk Rocky Mountain high, and I remembered again how beautiful and how majestic God’s great world is. Yesterday I came across a doe with white tips on her ears. I stopped and she stared at me for a full minute, with her gentle eyes, chewing flowers, and then walked on. Later two red hawks landed above me and eyed me for a meal. Today I ran past five elk, and I wondered if I was in a Disney movie.

Now I’m on the plane home.
The sickle moon is orange, and dipping low in the west.
The last of the twilight fades.

And I can’t wait to be home. I can’t wait to tuck my toothless boy in bed and hear how his time was this week, what adventures he had today that need telling, and feel his strong, wiry boy arms around my neck. I can’t wait to snuggle next to my warrior princess and pray for her, and tell her again how much I love her, show her with my presence that I’m here for her.

There is an excitement about heading out on a trip, winging away for a new adventure.
But there is nothing like coming home.

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Lisa said...

that was beautiful mike.

I feel lucky just to know you.

I love the work you do with your family.

You and Jodie are an example of what families should work towards (not saying it's easy!).

Thanks for being a great guy!

Welcome home. I know your kids missed you a ton.