Monday, April 22, 2013

It's ALL Grace

No matter how disciplined we get, we never move beyond GRACE
Brennan Manning, the author of the Ragamuffin Gospel, went to be with Jesus last week, so I read his biography, which is appropriately titled, all is grace.

I’m convinced he’s right. Everything is grace. And Jesus is the provider of grace.
The grace of Jesus meets me with love in my darkest hour and deepest sin. 
The grace of Jesus allows me to experience the pinnacles of righteousness and holiness. But it’s all grace. 
On your worst day, you’re never out of reach of God’s grace. 
On your best day, you’re never out of need of God’s grace. 

It’s his grace that transforms us from the inside out.

The closer you get to God, the more miserable things you will find in your heart. This is not a negative thing - God allows it to let you lose confidence in yourself. You will have accomplished something when you can look at your inner corruptness without anxiety or discouragement and simply trust God. -Francois Fenelon

It’s a grace so extensive none are fully excluded. 
It’s a discipleship so intensive none are fully included. 
Which means, we all need grace. 

If we find ourselves succeeding in spiritual growth and maturity…in applying the disciplines…that’s grace. 

If we find ourselves failing at some level or another in our thoughts or lives or relationships…grace covers us.

Grace carries us, grace fills in the gaps. The disciplines are grace, and the beauty surrounding us is grace, and the forgiveness that we are desperate for is grace, and the new mercies in the morning are grace. And for this, we simply thank Jesus. 

Everything is grace. 


MonkezUncle said...

So where is Truth in that?

Jule said...

Love this ... it IS all about grace .... just sent you a message on FB to share your impact in a dark season of my life back in 2006 was key in bringing me to where I am today ... because of the belief this article depicts.... Grateful beyond words .... Shalom